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Are E-Books Worth My Time?

E-books are electronic books that can be sold or freely distributed through the Internet. They have a variety of information and uses. Most people love these things, as they take hardly any time at all to put together and can really help market yourself or your business. Take a look at some instances where an E-book can really take your business to the next level.

First, an E-book can be on most any subject you can imagine– from dogs to kids, to even Internet marketing. Most of these are very easy to read and can be very short or long depending on how much work is put into them. Of course, the more work you put into them, the better they usually are. One big advantage to an E-book is you can cater them to do whatever you like. Many businesses and individuals are using them to promote their business or whatever they are selling. This is made easier as these books can be coded with your own website links or your own products if that is what you desire.

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How to Erupt Your Viral Marketing With Resale Rights

You probably already know what viral marketing is about. It’s a marketing technique that encourages readers and website owners themselves to pass the messages ostensibly for free, but really to the benefit of the original maker of the message.

Here’s an example for you..

Remember The Hotmail Explosion?

Hotmail was able to flourish magnificently in the Internet simply through viral marketing:

Free Services – They started with the most basic of incentives: they gave away email accounts and related services for free.

Signature – For each message sent by users with free email accounts, a simple, non-irritating signature was attached: it was a hyper link invitation to have a similarly free email account.
How to virally increase your traffic with Resale Rights

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