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5 Simple Ways Build Your List

The money is in the list, the money is in the list, the money is in the list, how many times have we heard every guru on the planet say this? Hundreds, thousands?, and with good reason.

I’m going to show you 5 ways how to add quality subscribers to your list without spending a fortune.

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  1. Use Squeeze Pages – Basically, what a name squeeze page is, is a simple subscribe form that then leads them to either a free report or a sales letter. Sign up for the following name squeeze pages to get a good idea of what to do.

  2. Add More Subscription Boxes To Your Website – Sounds simple enough, but few people actually do it. If you have a 100 page website, you should have 100 newsletter subscribe boxes on your website or blog.

    You can integrate a subscribe box just about anywhere in a website. You could add one just before an article starts, in the middle of an article or even at the end of the article.

    As long as you have good content on your website, you won’t have a problem getting people to subscribe to your newsletter.

  3. Use Free Viral Ebooks To Get New Subscribers – Want to get thousands of new subscribers for your newsletter without spending a cent on advertising and you’ve tried all the methods above but you still want more?

    Viral marketing is the way to go! Writing viral ebooks that get passed aroundWriting viral books is nothing new, but it’s still a great way to get your newsletter noticed. There are a few methods you can use when creating viral ebooks.You can either create them as a free product, or charge for them and give people the reprint rights to the product so they in turn can give your product away while making some money in the process.

    I prefer the reprint right route. Once the momentum of the first book wears out, write another and another and another and another! All in the same method, all with reprint rights and all with your newsletter subscribe from plastered in them.

    The goal really isn’t to make money from the sales of the book, it’s to get more subscribers.

  4. Write FREE Articles – While it’s a given you will put your newsletter subscribe address in your resource box at the end of the article, this is not the best way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter.

    The best way is to write a few free E-courses that people can subscribe to via an autoresponder and weave the links into your article. Here is what I mean, and I can tell you now, HARDLY ANYONE is doing this.

    Let’s say you have a newsletter on Fishing and you’re in the middle of writing a few articles to send out for publication. Here is what I would do.I would go to, buy a monthly subscription to their service and then start writing up 2 or 3 free e-courses on all things to do with Ice Fishing and plug them into my autoresponder.

    Now why would I want to do this if I really want people to subscribe to my newsletter? Well, article writing has come under attack by people who believe cutting peoples article bylines out is acceptable. They just steal the content as their own. So instead of trying to fight these people everyday of the week, I’ve accepted this is going to happen and I made provisions for it, and infact, it probably works in my favor.

    So in my article while I’m writing it, I would let the readers know there is this great E-course for free they can sign up for. I wouldn’t mention it was mine. I would just weave it into my article and it looks like I’m providing them with a great free resource.

    I would then provide them with the autoresponder link and how to sign up.

    Also remember that when you write your resource box for your article, you don’t have to get them to go to a webpage to sign up for your newsletter.

    You can put your newsletter subscribe information in your resource box like this….

    “To get more information on how to catch more bass on a weekly basis, sign up for our newsletter by sending a blank email to”

  5. Use Free Forum Posting – This is a great way to get not only more subscribers for your newsletter but recognized as an expert in your field. By posting helpful suggestions in forums in your market, you will get a lot of good attention. I’m not going to get into a whole lot about this subject as it’s pretty easy to get started.

    1) Find forums in your niche

    2) Read some of the back posts and see whos the boss, who posts good content and what the rules are3) Start posting with informative information and include your little newsletter byline at the end of your post or in your signature file

    What most people have a problem with is not writing good posts, but finding the forums to post in.

    Now that work is done for you. Just enter the topic your newsletter is on into the website address below and you will find all the forums you could possibly want on those subjects.

Start using them yourself, pretty soon you’ll have a quality subscribers to your list.

All the best,

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  • Jan 30,2010 at 1:37 pm

    i’ve never found great ebooks to use.
    .-= karen´s last blog ..Fun Fishing Shirts =-.


  • Mar 27,2009 at 7:02 pm

    I think, it’s true what you say


  • May 17,2008 at 9:46 am

    Great article. I’m a huge fan of forums (in the right niche) and just getting into article marketing.

    Dennis Edells last blog post..7 Ways To Boost Sales


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