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Internet Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Marketing to One

Too often Internet Marketers create a product or a service and they come up with dozens of great ideas to market that product or service. But these IMers forget one of the important rules to effective marketing. That rule is to market to just one person. In fact, the importance of marketing to one can not be overstated.

To create an effective marketing campaign you really need to decide exactly who you want to market to. You want to find out how to design your marketing campaign, what key points to hit, and eventually what it will take for people to take out there money and hand it over. The best way to do this is by marketing to one.

What you really want to do is crawl inside the mind of your typical potential client. What are his thoughts? What are his wants and needs? What will motivate him to become interested in what you’re offering and to eventually go from being a potential client to actually being a client?

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Internet Marketing Strategy

How to Choose your Internet Marketing Product

One of the best ways to make money as an Internet Marketer is to create your own product and then market it. However, many people have trouble deciding on what product they should produce. Obviously you want your product to do well but too often it’s the fear of failure that stops people from even deciding on what
product to make. Well, to decide on the right product for you, there are really only two steps that have to be completed. You want to choose a product that will seemingly sell well and a product that you will be excited about.

Before you even decide on a product you obviously have to decide on a niche to work in. To choose a niche (if you don’t already have one) you want to choose something that you are interested in and enjoy and something that will fill a need for the public.

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